O agentúre

Slovak Renewable Energy Agency bola zriadená v roku 2006 ako nezisková organizácia na podporu rozvoja obnoviteľných zdrojov energie na Slovensku.

The Slovak Renewable Energy Agency (SK REA) is a non-profit organization established in 2006 in order to promote the development of renewable energy sources in Slovakia. Our activities help raise public awareness on energy-efficient solutions, but at the same time support the dialogue between the private sector and political sphere regarding issues of economic and legislative support of such technologies.

Partnership network on which our activities are based.


Because cooperation with professionals from the entrepreneurial field helps us formulate the needs of the market and ensure further development.

International organizations

Because we use the know-how of our international partners to strengthen the enforcement of our common goals.


Because without public involvement, it is not possible to meet the goals of energy-efficient solutions.

State institutions

Because cooperation with state institutions is inevitable for the implementation of our agenda.



We are members of the Committee
of the National Council of the
Slovak Republic for Economic Affairs



We hold a certificate of capacity to
perform research and development