Electric Mobility

Sustainable, energy-efficient and environment-friendly.

Increasing trend of freight and passenger transport in the last decade indicates that it is necessary to seek mobility solutions that are sustainable, energy-efficient and environment-friendly.

Electric mobility is a term that exists for a long time. The first automobiles were in fact electric mobile vehicles. Currently, we are experiencing a revival of this sector of the automotive industry. In this field, the European Union has plans in terms of sustainability that could contribute to better environmental protection and reduction of the energy dependence of the EU. Therefore, the EU, but the Slovak Republic as well, are gradually preparing legislative conditions so that the electric mobile vehicles can become part of everyday transport. The EU has defined this goal as part of the Energy and Climate Package 202020, where it among other things undertook to reduce the amounts of CO2 produced in transport. Electric mobile devices could be an alternative for such reduction of CO2. Slovak Republic is actively participating in the process of adaptation of electric mobility transportation in Slovakia.