Storing Energy

Energy storage systems solve certain imperfections in the use of alternative energy.

skladovanie-energie-insideEnergy storage systems which store energy from renewable sources solve certain imperfections in the use of alternative energy, such as transmission network stability or safety of energy supplies, anytime and anywhere. That is one of the reasons why connecting a renewable source with an energy storage system are often referred to as “perfect projects”.

Batteries as one alternative of energy storing are currently the preferred model that might be well-founded in the future during fluctuations in electric network. This model could be also used to create independent closed networks, so-called energy islands, which would produce energy from alternative sources. Technology of storing electric energy in batteries on a larger scale has not been economically advantageous until now. Nowadays, many technologies emerge that could turn this form of storage into economically profitable. The EU is trying to establish a legislative framework that would enable progressive implementation of accumulators and closed networks in real life. Simplification of legislation will create conditions for the reduction of initial costs associated with implementation of such energy islands, which will increase energy independence of the EU and have positive environmental impact. Also in the Slovak Republic we are witnesses to progressive efforts by the business sector to implement such energy islands in everyday life.