Demonstration Projects

Possible Uses of Alternative Energy Sources in Practice.

Bringing Sun to Schools

The goal of the project Bringing Sun to Schools is very simple: to show students (our future generation) possible ways of obtaining energy from renewable sources in practice. In 2008, in cooperation with Bratislava Self-Governing Region and Karol Adler Secondary School of Electrical Engineering, we commissioned a pilot installation. We placed a demonstration photovoltaic power plant with an output of 18.9 kWp on the roof of the school. The project still has an important educational function in the field of using renewable energy sources. The system included an active information panel located in the school lobby, which monitors the benefits of using the technology in actual numbers. Since our mission is to introduce possibilities and advantages of using alternative energy sources to the public, we have also used this opportunity to ensure wider media coverage on the issue of renewable sources and presented it to the people.

Solar Office in the Heart of Bratislava

Our organization also supported the birth of “the first office powered by solar energy”. The development of a 10 kW system on the UN regional centre building in the heart of Bratislava was an excellent example of the use of intelligent energy technologies on administrative buildings.

100 kw PV Power Plant at Comenius University

In 2008, we supported the development of other demonstration projects as well. A 100 kW power plant (the largest solar rooftop power plant at the time) on top of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics buildings, which laid the cornerstone for further projects in the field of research and development, using this project as their basis. Nowadays, this solar power plant contains one additional unit, creating a total output as large as 500 kWp.