Slovak Renewable Energy Agency

Legislative Support

State legislative and economic stimuli is inevitable.

Support for Photovoltaics in new EU member states

The goal of the PV NMS (Photovoltaics in New Member States) project was to support the implementation of photovoltaic energy in new EU member states and increase the production of electric energy using the sun’s energy. The project was co-financed by the programme entitled Intelligent Energy Europe (which was in 2007-2013 providing support for science and development of energy-efficient solutions).

Legislative Support

In 2008-2010, the Slovak Renewable Energy Agency was the national partner of the project responsible for its implementation in Slovakia. Activities of the project allowed us to bring the issue of solar energy production to the media, hold a dialogue with the authorities responsible for the issue of renewable energy in our country and thus support the laws and economic stimuli which are inevitable for implementation of such projects. During the period of the project, we also established important relations with partners in other member states and international institutions that have been supporting the expansion of renewable energy in the EU for a long time.

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