Raising Awareness and Education

Improving awareness about the possible uses of intelligent energy solutions

European Solar Days

“European Solar Days” is one of our favourite projects. Our organization received a mandate to cover the project activities and coordination for Slovakia in 2011-2013. In this period, the project was co-financed from EU resources. Its aim was to improve awareness of intelligent energy solutions, in particular those using solar energy. In Europe, the European Solar Days Initiative has become the largest campaign for raising awareness of renewable energy. We are proud that we could contribute to the initiative with our activities. The campaign involved development of partner organizations (private sector, academic educational institutions, and other organizations interested in supporting RES), which were organizing various types of events to promote solar energy during the first two weeks of May on the EU-wide level. We were so delighted by the project that when the EU cofinancing funds ended in 2013, we organized the “ESD 2014” and “ESD 2015” campaigns at our own expense and intend to continue this pleasant and helpful activity in the next years as well. You can find more on the “European Solar Days in Slovakia” campaign more HERE..

Map of Renewable Energy Power

The first European map showing examples of RES use in a given location was developed as part of the international project REPOWERMAP (Renewable Energy Power map) in cooperation with other EU countries. Owners, designers, producers as well as villages and municipalities may add power plants to the map. The aim of the renewable energy power map is to encourage the use of renewable energy sources. Thanks to our activities within the project, more than 3,000 examples of renewable energy sources were added to the “Slovak part of the map” in only 2 years of project participation. The map is still active and enables the option of adding further new sources. It can be viewed HERE.

Photovoltaics, Our Solar Future

Such was the title of a series of successful conferences organized by our organization in 2008-2011 in Bratislava. The aim was to point to current developments in the photovoltaic field in Slovakia, introduce proposals and solutions for further development of photovoltaics, and inform of world developments. It was a day-long conference, which was the only of its kind in Slovakia to provide participants with information regarding the use, support and development of solar energy in Slovakia and abroad. Each year, our organization delivered the outputs from the Bratislava conference to all regions of Slovakia.